We understand how important your health and muscle recovery is to you

Jeff finishing his 455lb deadlift strong at competition

Jeff, Co-Owner

Jeff started lifting weights in college with his friends as a social tool and eventually fell in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  He has years of experience in the world of Crossfit and has completed many of the well known benchmark workouts.  He left his crossfit box to join a powerlifting gym to pursue his goal of competitive weightlifting.  Jeff currently has two 1st place trophies under his belt after winning the single lift competition in squat and deadlift competing in the 74kg open weight class. Aside from weightlifting, Jeff also has a background in boxing, completed multiple mud runs (Spartan Race, Savage Race, etc..) and has played all major sports competitively. Jeff is also RockTape FMT Level 2 Certified in Kinesiology Taping.

Danny gets focused as he gets ready for the next set of his programming

Daniel, Co-Owner

Daniel was once inspired to become a professional athlete at an early age. He has been lifting since the age of 14 and has adopted a very balanced and healthy lifestyle from early on. Injuries before the age of 18 caused him to quickly consider other alternatives as a career. Daniel is now preaching to others the importance of sports recovery and nutrition. He continues to pursue his passion of fitness and health excellence with a developed fitness program.

Our Trained Staff

CryoCentral is proud to have cryotherapy specialists on staff to help with any questions or concerns you may have.  They have all been diligently trained by professionals and were given certification on how to utilize the CryoChamber as well as the other equipment our center has to offer. They are ready to get you set up and on your way to a healthier body!